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Our service trucks are equipped with under hood and under deck air compressors driven off the trucks diesel engine to deliver more air volume, and better reliability than gas engine powered air compressors. We have hydraulic driven generators, and welder/generator combinations.

All service trucks are equipped with torches in addition to all the necessary tools. Roadside computer diagnostics is available and we keep the most common sensors that cause the shut-down with our computer so they are immediately available.

We take pride in properly stocking our trucks with the most commonly used parts. In addition to a wide selection of bolts, brass fittings, air lines, coolants and oils, our trucks are stocked with the most popular alternators, brake chambers, lights, filters, and an extra fuel tank for out-of-fuels. Due to having an on site salvage yard we have access to used virgin and recap tires to match the percentage of life left on the tires you have on the rest of your unit to save you money. Also available are new virgin and quality recap tires. Tell us what you want and tread depth and let us try to match one up for you.

We are able to offer fabricating and welding services for those in need, and for the more in depth mobile welding repair job we have a portable diesel Lincoln Ranger 10 available.

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Additional Services:

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  • Western Union
  • Notary Services
  • Ramsey Winch
  • Jones Aftermarket Hoods