Hovis Truck Service: Truck Towing and Accident Clean-up on I-80
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Towing & Recovery

Our fleet of wreckers cover light, medium, and heavy duty. We specialize in the heavy duty recovery field. Our traditional wreckers combined with our specialty equipment allow us to perform most any recovery without causing any additional damage to the unit being recovered.

Among others our fleet includes a 40 and 45 ton sliding boom wrecker and a 65 ton rotating boom wrecker.

In addition to traditional wreckers our fleet includes an all-wheel-drive International with a 25,000 lb. rear drag winch and a 25,000 lb. front bumper mount winch, both with 300' of cable each in addition to the two boom mount winches. All-wheel-drive gives us the ability to position the truck where we want to regardless of the mud and snow conditions.

We have traditional underlift wreckers for normal tractor and trailer tows, tri-axle applications, and wheel grids for special circumstances like buses, motorcoaches, and large RVs. All of this coupled with our road service department allow us to efficiently tow your vehicle regardless of what it is.

To assist our recovery wreckers we have a 214 JCB backhoe, 690 John Deere long reach excavator with swamp tracks and thumb, D6 Caterpillar bulldozer, John Deere 6,000 lb. 4X4 forklift, Bobcats with broom, brushhog, forks, grapple bucket, etc. 

For special circumstances we have a 20 ton all-terrain crane for transloading heavy items at our shop, at delivery locations, or to life items during recoveries, at accident sites, or any location there is a need.

We also have road tractors and trailers for most situations. Our tractors have hydraulics to operate your trailer if need be. We have a detach trailer, drop-deck trailer, and traditional flat trailer for hauling most anything. A dry van to haul and store your cargo and a reefer trailer for temperature sensitive loads are available. We also have large, medium, and small dump trailers and dump trucks for cargo and debris clean-up and other scenarios.

At our loading dock we can transload your cargo, adjust a shift load, or correct an improperly loaded load. Scales are available 1 mile away at the Emlenton Truck Plaza. If you are put out of service and need your load fixed, our large tiltbed is specially built with a rear dock leg to allow a forklift to use it as a dock.

We have an open drop lot, a fenced drop lot, and inside storage available for tractors, trailers, and cargo all at one location. We have a large lot with easy access from the interstate.